Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bath Time

The Only Way to Brush Your Teeth

He took a bath.

He was naked.

In the 30 seconds it took me to go look for his clothes and a diaper, he decided he needed to brush his teeth (for the thrid time this morning.)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Brother and Sister

Lucy is almost 3 months old. For the past 3 months I've been trying SO hard to get a good picture of Jonah and Lucy together. It's SO hard. Jonah's not really big enough to hold her up for a picture, and he doesn't really like to hold still long enough to lay next to her. I tried laying her on him (see here) and it only took a few seconds for her to squirm her way off of him. I LOVE the bottom one...."stop touching me!"

My Boy

I took Jonah outside to run around (in only a diaper, as usual) and decided to take the camera. He spends most of his time running away from me, and I'm SO glad I got his one. A split second later he was GONE, and all I got after this were pictures of the back of his head.


Jonah and Robby love to play. And they play SO rough, it terrifies me. I was so thankful Lucy came out a girl because another rough-housing boy might have given me a heart attack. Robby does some of the craziest things that include Jonah flying through the air at top speeds, flailing his arms and legs while screaming and giggling as loud as he can. I wish this picture had sound.

From a Distance

I was SO excited for these guys (Chad, my brother, and Brittany, his new wife) to get married. And to be honest--not really for the fact that they WERE getting married, but for my own selfish desires to take wedding pictures. I was litterally counting down the days. And then the day came, and I realized I was not the paid photographer, which means I had no right to stand in front of him calling out orders. I was banished to the background, hiding in the bushes like any good papperazzo would do. So even though it wasn't my dream day, I did have fun with the few I was able to get.

Bright Eyes

This picture was taken when Lucy was almost 2 months old. It's right around when we noticed her becomming much more alert and awake throughout the day. She'd follow us with her eyes, and smile so big, which always make a mom feel SO appreciated after 2 long months of late nights and endless diapers.

My Baby

After Lucy was born, my eyes were opened and I realized how big and mosterous Jonah really was. He's not my baby any more. This is one of the first pictures I took of him when I got my camera. I love it for so many reasons. I love the contrast of his light skin against the dark background. I love looking at his long eyelashes. I love his cute little profile, and that he held still long enough for me to catch his chubby little cheeks and pouty mouth, before they're gone.

out the window

What I LOVE about this picture, that no one else knows, is that this is an EVERYDAY event in our house. Jonah is naked. Jonah has a crusty nose. Jonah will be standing on the couch looking out the window. He LOVES it. Whether it's waiting for the mail lady, the garbage truck, watching the family of quails in our yard, or waiting for daddy to come home.....he's always there.

The Dress

I am not a frilly girl. I'm not a ruffley girl. So the thought of putting my baby in a blessing dress with sequins and a train was just not me. My mom found this cute little sundress and cardigan and it was PERFECT for my Lucy. She looked so sweet and cute all dressed in white. And I do love a good bow.

Look at Me

While Jonah spends most of his time RUNNING full speed from the camera, Lucy isn't afraid to look at me, stare me down, and let me get the perfect shot. We'll see how long it lasts!