Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yet another reason to love friends!
Jessica and I met blogging through our mutual friend Rachelle. We shared interests, including a dislike for a certain Edward the vampire and the same love of photography. We decided last week we'd get together and pick each others brains about all things photo. It was so fun!

This is her little boy Max, aka "Naps" as Jonah calls him. Such a little cutie!! (and so much fun to take pictures of more babies!)


Joseph and Brittany said...

I love my little Max. Those are some cute pictures of him. I love seeing other people taking pictures of him also. Next time I come up we will have to all get together. Jessica said she has a lot of fun.

Jessica Kettle said...

These turned out so great! It's cool to see pictures of him from someone else's perspective. I especially like the second one. "naps" and I had a great time, we'll have to do it again sometime!

Kelly & Rachelle Williams said...

yeah! glad it worked out. the pictures turned out adorable!