Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Anatomy of a Haircut

You know it's time for a hair cut when your son looks like an 80s glamour shot.
Scissors? Check. Spray bottle and comb? Check Check. Lollypop for bribery? CHECK. Patience....we'll have to work on that one.
It wouldn't be a hair cut without stopping to pose. Great purple lips.
For our "after" shots I was so excited to head outside--the sun has been shining all morning and I couldn't wait to soak it up. I headed out, skipping the spf in hopes to get my golden glow, and slipped on my flip-flops. It was 10 degrees. Fahrenheit! FREEZING. We had a total of 20 seconds--and this is what you get wit 20 seconds and a toddler. Better luck next time I guess.


emily said...

oh my gosh... i LOVE his facial expressions! he is so darn cute!

rachelle said...

he really is such a cute kid!

Shar-bear said...

Really cute pictures.

We did the EXACT same thing last night: scissors, sucker, and we just skipped the water bottle and put him in the tub.

Jessica Kettle said...

so cute. what is it about lolly pops and little kids that just make your heart melt?? He really should be a model. He's gorgeous.

Lily said...

Sheena you are so talented. Thanks for taking your time and visit my blog.