Sunday, April 27, 2008

•a little stroll•

Most my "family" posts are on my "family" blog....but the sun was out today and I just had to share these......what started out to be just a quick Sunday stroll, turned out to be a little bit more....whoops. But after this shot, I can't complain.
I can never get enough of snaggley trees

Yes, it was bright.....yay for sunshine!!


Jessica Kettle said...

well, your blog will be missed! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your first shot. You must frame it. A super big one.

Jessica said...

Hey Sheena! Yeah, we should definately talk sometime! Your work is great and has a unique feel to it, which is great to have in this business.

ali degraff said...

oooh...the first shot is GORGEOUS. a keeper, for sure.

Melissa Ellen said...

Exceptional! I love Lucy's chubby little toes iin the pic where her and her daddy are looking into the sunshine - so cute!