Friday, July 18, 2008


ok so this photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post, I just like it:)

Dear Photographer Friends, 

The days of me carrying around 400 pounds of camera gear every time I leave the house are OVER. My arms are tired, so I'm in the market for a point and shoot. I want it small (yay), easy, and pretty picture quality.  Please tell me what YOU have, and why you like it. 

thank you.

sincerely yours, 



ali degraff said...

dear sheena.

before I got a big camera, i really loved my fuji finepix S5000 (they've since upgraded). It's not fit-in-your-pocket-tiny, but it would feel lightweight compared to your current load. The color was amazing. good point and shoot in my opinion!

Photography By Shay said...

Oh girl, seriously, read the reviews for the Canon G series. I have the G2 from a quite few years ago and LOVE the quality of it. Recommended it to my brother and he bought one a few Xmas' ago, but since the G2 is old and discontinued he bought the G5 or G6?? Anyway, he loves his too. It's not super small - but has awesome quality!

Susanne said...

I am right there with ya! I agonize over taking my big fat SLR everywhere. The one I'm planning on getting is the Cannon PowerShot SD series (hopefully the newest model). My two sisters each have the SD 750 and they both love it. It's tiny, so it can fit in your pocket, and it takes really good pictures and even videos (I think up to 12 minute long videos).

cara lou said...

I just recently got a point-and-shoot to keep in my purse so we don't have to take our SLR everywhere. It's the Canon PowerShot SD870 IS (we love Canon). It's 8mp and the color is really great. The camera itself is tiny but It has a huge screen. It also takes amazing quality video. I absolutely love it. It's so great being able to have a camera (and take video) no matter where you are.

Brooke said...

um i need one two! I broke mine :( haha

Jessica Kettle said...

I swear sometimes you read my mind. I have a Nikon Coolpix something or other, but I (the control freak) have a hard time having no control of exposure etc. anyway, I was with my friend Brittany at Costco YESTERDAY and we were looking at those mini slr/automatic cameras that fit oh-so-conveniently in your purse. I was complaining about the 40 pounds of camera that accompanies my 50 pound baby and 30 pound purse. EVERYWHERE. I would love to have something that small that I could still shoot in M or A. Nikon and Cannon both make one- have you heard anything about those?

p.s. did you ever get my e-mail about maybe doing a family shoot for us in the fall? I hope I'm not driving you nuts and that you don't hate me a little. or a lot for that matter? If you're sick of hearing from me, just let me know. =)

Cory Kerr said...

I wonder if there is something in the air... I've pretty much stopped shootin' for fun all together because my backpack has gotten so bulky. I got my wife a Sony Cyber-shot... I like it a lot. My other favorite is the elph... great cameras, always have been.