Monday, February 22, 2010

this and that

Hi everyone!! Where have I been?? Not around here, sorry for the lack of posting! I've been spending my time working on so many other fun things, I've been too busy to post over here.

I'm taking a few less sessions this space is pretty limited as of right now--I have ONE wedding opening left in April...and then I'm full through June.

I have so many other creative things that I enjoy doing, and things I WANT to do. My brain is so packed full of ideas (you know.....write and photograph a cookbook, build more tables, work on our house, start an antique store.....) as well as non-creative adventures (vacation with my little family, train for a marathon.....) my lists go on and on (and on!)

You can find me photographing and writing about our little life over on my other blog HERE...come join us!

But I'm still here and I absolutely love working with clients, and can't wait for some fun weddings I have coming up, and some more Iris and Light projects. I would also love to start shooting some more fashion type sessions, like we did with Rachel, so if you are interested let me know!

On to our next item of business......Jana's dress!! It is so funny--their wedding was in October and I still get new emails every week about her (perfect!) dress. Here is what Jana has to say, and hopefully it will help you out!
"I am very glad that people love my dress; I mean, I loved it and I am glad other people do too! So I think the most helpful information I can pass on is the dress shop. I found the two dresses at The Perfect Dress in Midvale [UT]. The dresses were old, old stock and the designers don't make either of them anymore (which is why I was able to get such a killer deal on them...I wish I at least knew the names of the designers...), but The Perfect Dress has LOTS of great choices in many price points, and really great seamstresses on staff. I just used their steamstress and lucked out since she was on board for the redesigning process, and she really got my vision for the dress"

I will see you back here soon!!


gram said...

.. pic of Wyoming horse is so pretty!

allyson said...

yay!!! can't wait to work with you!!! chris and i are uber excited!

RENEE said...

the dress is the pics

Becky Earl said...

I LOVE these shots. Be-a-utiful! :)

megan said...

I LOOOVEEE where their bridals and engagements were taken!! Can you tell me where both were taken?? You are amazing!!

Rachel Clarke said...

Oh my gosh!! Beautiful!