Friday, March 27, 2009

bad. bad. blogger.

I am so behind! I have so much going many exciting things to share and pretty photos to post....all to come soon enough!!!

I was able to meet with Natalie and Jacob a few times in the past weeks.....probably some of the nicest people I've ever met!! Here are a few of cute Natalie...and then on to the two of them--I LOVED going through this session and seeing how he looks at her, and how much he adores of my favorite things about what I do!

how can you not love this!

the end.....stay tuned for more fun stuff!


jfeely said...

Those are such sweet pictures :)I love your points of view!

RENEE said...

She looks so young but she is a beautiful bride. That last one is such a cool pic.

John Stephens said...

LOVING these! These two are beautiful and should be SO happy. Incredible light and mood and moments. Incredible emotion as always, Sheena.


Natalie Jo said...

Yay! I love them. I'm so excited to see the rest. Thank you!


Beautiful job capturing our Natalie. I love the picture of them with Jacob holding up the glasses for them to look through. That is them! Thanks Sheena for capturing my beaufitul neice and Jacob. We can't wait to see you at thier wedding and see those pictures! THE FAST FOOD CREW