Monday, March 30, 2009

iris & light

how much do you love that name?? That's US!! I love it! I cannot wait until you see all we have to go along with it!

Here are some photographs from the other short film we did (coming soon:) John took the photos of me (he should win an award), and I got to work with the lovely (you'd never believe she's 5 months pregnant) Kelly, and the also very lovely Cara.


super model kelly

super model cara.

stay tuned!


myblackfriendsays said...

I'm diggin these photos--playful, semi-edgy, sweet and stylish all at the same time. Salt Lake is lucky to have you, I'm sure (:

ali said...

speechless. i am ready to get married again.

RENEE said...

you look beautiful and the photos are so the light and the cold enviroment goes well together. :)

Jean Smith Photography said...

these are so awesome...and you are super hot!

Feely Photography said...

Great photos...who knew you could be the model type? You should be in front of the camera more often!

suzy said...

Cara was my best friend in elementary school until I had to move away and I love these pics!! The one of her with the books is perfect. Don't you just love her?

cara lou said...

You're too sweet, Suzy. :)

It's true though, Sheena. You should be in front of the camera way more. Now with John on the team...maybe we'll see more of you. You have given me a complex.

I'm so excited about iris and light and everything you guys are doing!! It's going to incredible!

Emily Clark said...

yeah are a total babe!